Blogging: The First Step to Social Success

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, MySpace… and the list goes on and on.


Keeping up with the constantly growing and evolving social media platforms can seem daunting. Where should you even begin?

The best place to start isn’t at A… but at B – with a Blog.

Blogs are incredibly useful and actually quit easy (and free) to use. Start out by signing up for a blogging service like Blogger or WordPress and then choose a name for your blog, decide what your focus will be, pick a theme, and then post, post, post!

This blog, Social Media Marketing 101, will provide readers with crucial social media marketing tips, tricks, strategies, statistics, research, case studies, and examples of best practices used. It’s aimed at businesses of all different sizes across various industries.

It’s vital to create and maintain a regular, informative, and quality blog as an anchor for your online social presence. Millions of people read blogs regularly and a majority of companies have already tapped into this pool of potential consumers.


By using my blog to engage and demonstrate my expertise, I will build trust and credibility with my readers. In time, this will hopefully lead them to choose me as their social media marketing strategist over one my competitors.

search-benefits-of-the-blogosphere (1)My blog will also be a great source of information and content for me to share across all of my other social media outlets as part of an integrated online marketing plan. All the back-linking to my website and blog will optimize my rank in search engines and further increase the likelihood of attracting new clients.

Furthermore, many companies search for information on social media marketing and this will be a great source for them to learn and exchange ideas in the comments. Afterwards, they may be more inclined to use Brand the Net as their full service social media management agency.

Now that you know why it’s essential for your company to have a blog, what are you waiting for? Get yours up and running ASAP! Feel free to comment with the link and share with everyone what it’s all about.

Otherwise, give me one good reason why you don’t need one?


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