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What’s the Deal with Google+?

One of the most commonly asked questions to social media marketers is “What platform should I be using for my business?” The plethora of available social media channels that people are using these days makes that decision a really big headache. Usually, companies will automatically focus the majority of their time and energy on Facebook […]

Top 10 Free Social Media Marketing Tools You May Not Know About

There are a multitude of great social media management tools available for both marketing and monitoring that can greatly help you succeed with your campaigns and improve the effectiveness of your social media strategy. I’ve put together this list of the top ten FREE social media marketing tools that you may not know about: 1. […]

Astroturfing: Worth the Risk?

In my previous post about Social Media Transparency,  I differentiated between transparency and authenticity. This week, I’m delving deeper into social media authenticity and exploring a very controversial SEO practice: Astroturfing. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, Oxford Dictionaries defines it as: “the deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated […]