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Social Media Marketers: Be Sure to Blog!

bloggingIf you’re in the business of social media marketing and you aren’t already blogging, you’re making a HUGE mistake. Although blogging is helpful for all types of industries, it is absolutely critical for social media marketing companies to create and maintain a regular, interesting, and informative blog. In my very first blog post entitled “Blogging: The First Step to Social Success” I outline some of the reasons why having a blog is so important. However, blogging is especially important and should be mandatory for anyone in the business of social media marketing.

Firstly, almost every social media marketing plan should include a blog strategy. Therefore, as a social media marketer it is vital to have a blog or else you’ll just sound like a hypocrite. Why will your clients hire you to do something you can’t even do for yourself? It is especially important to create a polished blog with useful content that will appeal to your target market. Your blog will also be a great example to give potential customers an idea of what you can do for them.

blogging-for-SEO-process-s356x266Another reason to blog is to enhance your brand’s exposure online. If done correctly, blogging can increase your company’s search engine rankings and improve the chances of people finding your company rather than your competitors’. By strategically placing keywords in titles, descriptions, content, and tags, you can expand the reach of your articles and build more brand awareness and recognition online. Blogging is thus a great way to find and attract new leads to your company’s website. Many people search for information and tips to help them gain a competitive advantage on social media. If your blog has great advice, people are likely to continue reading your articles, trust your knowledge and expertise, and eventually be inclined to hire you to help them. By going into depth about all the required steps and actions to successfully execute a social media marketing plan, your readers will be more inclined to pass off the work to you… after all, you sound like you know what you’re doing.

You can also re-post from other blogs related to marketing and social media. This will save you time and also provide interesting information for both yourself as well as your visitors. Re-posting content will also build relationships with other industry partners who might possibly re-post your content to their blogs in the future.


Finally, engaging with readers, responding to their comments, and answering their questions are all important activities you must carry out while maintaining your blog. It’s easy for a blog to become a one-way conversation so it’s important to remember to keep the dialogue flowing both ways. Social media marketing is a hot topic that people are usually excited to talk about and voice their opinions on. Therefore, by creating a blog that focuses on social media marketing, you are giving people exactly what they want.

Do you think it’s important for social media marketing companies to have their own blogs? Would you think differently of them if they did or didn’t? What kind of articles would you be most interested in reading about on a social media marketing agency’s blog? I would love to read your comments and feedback so please feel free to leave a response below!


One comment on “Social Media Marketers: Be Sure to Blog!

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